Franz “Frank” E. Marschall ’60, 

1960 Ciarla


A Multi-Faceted Man

Franz "Frank" E. Marschall '60
Establishes Scholarship with Estate Gift

March 10, 2010

Franz “Frank” E. Marschall ’60 took his Muhlenberg education far: he became a prominent plastic surgeon in Los Angeles. His career in medicine and his multiple interests led to a series of real estate purchases, which he bequeathed to the College. Frank passed away in December 2007, but through his estate gift, his generosity lives on for current Muhlenberg students.

Frank’s sister, Katherine, and classmate and fellow fraternity brother (Phi Kappa Tau) Ed Davis ’60, a College Trustee, describe Frank as a multi-faceted man, beginning with his time at Muhlenberg when he studied chemistry, ran track and cross country and took up fencing. “I remember once he came home for a visit and showed us his fencing moves,” Katherine laughs. “There he was with his épeé, lunging and showing off. He was six feet, three inches tall and muscular so he cut a striking figure.”

Katherine was a child when Frank was a student at Muhlenberg and she only visited the campus once for his graduation. “I know he enjoyed his time at Muhlenberg,” she says. “Pre-med was a big deal and he wanted to be a doctor. Our father was a research chemist so he tutored Frank. Eventually, Frank went on to the Army Reserves, Georgetown Medical School and then off to California. He was one of the first plastic surgeons in Los Angeles.”

When asked how he decided on a career in plastic surgery, Katherine laughs again. “Well, he was always surrounded by beautiful women.”

Katherine says that Frank enjoyed collecting art, but was also an artist himself who painted and sculpted. “There was also an art to his career,” she says. “I’m an anesthesiologist and I’ve seen for myself that plastic surgeons who approach their work from an artistic perspective, not just a scientific one, often have more aesthetic outcomes.

“Frank had an entrepreneurial spirit,” she continues. “Over the years he acquired quite a bit of real estate – some industrial buildings, a few vineyards and even an airplane hangar.” A portion of his real estate holdings were left to Muhlenberg. So far, the gift from the sale of his real estate total more than a quarter million dollars and the hope is that the final tally will top seven figures.

Frank had been making regular gifts to the REBCS (Research Experience in the Biochemical and Chemical Sciences) Program at Muhlenberg. Now, through his estate gift, The Franz E. Marschall ’60 Scholarship Fund was created. This year, funds were awarded to Jonathan Falk ’10 and Catherine Souza ’10. Jon says he is grateful to have received the scholarship, particularly in this time of economic upheaval. Says Catherine, who is equally grateful, “I love the College and the experiences I have had will stay with me for years and years to come.”

“Frank was a great fraternity brother; he loved his Muhlenberg experience and was a great admirer of Chemistry Professor Dr. Charles Mortimer,” says Ed. “I’m sure he would be glad to know that his gift is making the Muhlenberg experience possible for students today.”

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