Parents Plaza

Raised to Date: $3,500
Goal: $1 Million

If Seegers Union is the campus’ “living room,” then Parents Plaza can be designated as the “front porch.”  It's a place where students gather to talk, to have a meal, to perform or hold a rally, and to hang signs and sheets with event information or important campus initiatives.

This space was originally dedicated in 1988, and was created through gifts from what was then the Parents Association, who envisioned a park-like meeting place for students, faculty and visitors.

An article in the December 11, 1987 edition of The Weekly said, “The plaza promises to provide a setting where both planned cultural and educational activities and information social interactions will occur on a regular basis…the plaza will be a place where students, professors, administrators and alumni will together enjoy relaxed interactions which integrate the formal learning experiences at Muhlenberg with life outside the classroom.” 

Prior to its construction, seating in the area could accommodate about 24 persons on stone benches outside the Union.  The plan in 1988 called for increasing the capacity to 80 persons and providing several hundred feet of “sitting wall.”

The 1988 vision of the space became a reality.  From its construction, Parents Plaza has been one of the most heavily used areas on campus.  Students, faculty, staff and parents had all gotten used to the comfortably scuffed up, beaten up, 20-year-old, crumbling-around-the-edges plaza, but these new renovations provide even more seating (for an additional 55 people), new tables, benches and pavers, better landscaping, more nooks for sitting and chatting and a stage at the foot of Trexler Tower (for performances and for people-watching), which is getting heavy use already.

During Homecoming Weekend on Saturday, October 3, the College held a Parents Plaza Rededication Ceremony following the football game.  

Naming opportunities for Parents Plaza include benches ($1,000), picnic tables ($2,500) and the stage at the foot of Trexler Tower ($50,000).  For more information on making a gift to Parents Plaza, please contact the Development Office at 484-664-3247 or