Rehearsal House
Naming Opportunities


Building Name
Overlooking Allentown's picturesque Trexler Park, the performing arts Rehearsal House provides additional office, study and performance spaces for our flourishing, nationally ranked theatre, music and dance departments.

Amphitheatre and Grounds
This amphitheatre style performance area, cut out of the natural hillside, will be home to any of the more than 30 student performances put on by theatre, dance and music majors each academic year.  This space also provides a unique practice space to hone students' skills.

First Floor

Electronic Music Studio
This specially constructed room-within-a-room recording studio is home to many of Muhlenberg's cutting edge team-taught, interdisciplinary courses such as "The Physics of Music."

Music Performance Studio
The exposed ceiling with acoustical clouds provides a modernistic look for the music performance studio, which will be used as a classroom, practice room and rehearsal space for faculty and students.

Named by a gift from the George I. Alden Trust
The open, airy lobby of the Rehearsal House will welcome performers and guests to a space that exudes creativity and innovation.

Office Suite
The first-floor office suite houses six faculty teaching offices and is an essential space for teaching and learning.

Mid-Level Entrance and Elevator
The bright airy space hints at the wonder of what takes place within the Rehearsal House.

Entrance Hallway
This quiet corner, a special place to gather with fellow performers, encourages the spontaneity of cross-discipline collaboration. 

Offices #1, #5 and #6
Enhanced and expanded offices double as instruction space and add value to our students' learning experience by helping to attract and retain world renowned visiting musicians and faculty.

The spacious new lounges are a magnet for performing arts students and offer a place to study, rehearse or just hang out and relax with fellow performers.

Music Faculty Offices #2, #3 and #4
These well-appointed offices help Muhlenberg attract and retain its top notch music faculty.

Corridor #1 and #2
The passage ways of the new Rehearsal House will welcome hundreds of students and faculty each month.

The stairwell between the first and second floors of the new Rehearsal House connects both floors of this impressive building and is sure to get lots of foot traffic each day. 

Benefactor's Wall
This major plaque will acknowledge for generations to come the devotion of our alumni, parents, students, faculty, staff and friends who have made a commitment to the future of the music and theatre and dance departments. Donors who have named a space in our new facility will have their support inscribed on the plaque. Additionally, all donors at the $1,000 level or greater will have the opportunity to be listed on the plaque.

Second Floor

Acting and Directing Studio
The Acting and Directing Studio was designed with the newest pedagogies in mind.  With ample space to hold classes, this studio breaks down the barrier between, and allows for the spontaneous and fluid movement from, study to application.  The studio is the perfect venue for acting and directing classes by day and main stage production rehearsal by night.

The second floor lobby overlooking the windowed main lobby is a reflective space, a place to be above the activity and yet be a part of the dynamic of the rehearsal house.

Rehearsal Studio
An intimate studio for students to rehearse scenes for class and prepare for studio productions. The space will also host tutorials and coaching sessions between students and faculty that currently take place in stairwells and other less-than-ideal places.

The spacious new lounges are a magnet for performing arts students and offer a place to study, rehearse or just hang out and relax with fellow performers.

Theatre and Dance Offices #1, #2, #3, #4
These well-appointed offices help Muhlenberg attract and retain its nationally renowned theatre and dance faculty. Currently, several members of the full-time faculty do not have appropriate office space and so lack a place conducive to meeting with students outside of class for advising or additional assistance.

Naming opportunities subject to change.  Please contact the Development Office at 484-664-3247 for more information.