Fiscal Responsibility

Muhlenberg College takes fiscal responsibility seriously. For the past 52 years, we’ve operated on a balanced budget. We’ve accomplished this while increasing grant support to students and charging 10 to 15 percent less than our benchmark institutions. Through prudent investing, our endowment has grown an impressive 90 percent over the past five years. And while this is good news, the fact remains that Muhlenberg’s endowment is substantially less than those of our competitors. This reality puts the College at a disadvantage: lower endowment means we offer less financial aid and lower faculty and staff salaries than 10 of the 12 benchmark colleges with which we compete.


Student Charges 2007–2008 Total Fees
Endowment growth over past 20 years
Endowment Comparisons 2007
Amount of Grant Aid Awarded 2002–2007