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Green Roof Project

A green roof is a system that uses vegetation to absorb moisture and help reduce precipitation runoff, improve building insulation and absorb carbon dioxide that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere.

Students in Dr. Rich Niesenbaum’s “Sustainable Solutions” observed a green roof in action at nearby PPL Corporation. Through a gift from PPL, the students were able to develop and implement a green roof plan for Seegers Union. The class delivered and arranged mats, plant beds and small succulents to develop the green roof, viewable from the second floor of the Bob and Ilene Wood Dining Commons.

When the project is complete and the plants are mature, the roof will serve as more than just a great view for students in Seegers Union; it will help reduce the impact of Muhlenberg's environmental footprint.

Sustainability is a vibrant theme embraced and championed by the students of Muhlenberg College. Initiatives include the “Just Tap It” campaign, where EnAcT, Muhlenberg’s environmental actions team, developed a plan that reduced bottle water purchases on campus by 95% by installing new filtered water stations throughout campus and excluding bottled water from the student meal plan; reducing waste and increasing recycling in both everyday operations and construction; and installation of solar panels to both reduce grid dependence and to educate the student body on renewable resources.

“A college's architecture, policies, and actions should teach," says Niesenbaum. "Teaching doesn't just go on in the classroom, and a building can teach everyday. Let our architecture be part of our pedagogy.”

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