"the only station that matters"

The Chalk Zone

Fridays 10am-12pm
DJ: Chris Chaky
Chris Chaky is a junior political science major. His show, The Chalk Zone, mixes recent indie pop, rock, and folk artists with some of the classic artists that inspired them.

Thanks But No Thanks Nature

DJ: Ruth Douglas
Douglas is a freshman at Muhlenberg from Cheshire, Connecticut. She plays an assortment of new and not-so-new folk, rock, and indie pop music on her show, Thanks But No Thanks Nature. Besides listening to music, Ruth loves painting funky designs on her nails, watching the Cooking Channel, and practicing Taekwondo.


DJ: Jillian Lansey
Jillian Lansey, or Jillycool, is new to Berg - a junior transfer student from a big state school. She spent a good amount of time during her high school years creating playlists for house parties, (though she often kicked off these nights with Lollipop by Lil Wayne). From finding new bands on myspace circa 2006, to seeking out fresh sounds at live music festivals, she has found a mellifluous mix of music to dance, jam, and sexytime too. “Enjoy yaself ma boothangs.”

Space Jamzz

DJ: Helen Laser
I'm Helen Laser, known as DJ Lazer Wolf on the air, which began as a joke, but slowly became real. My show is called "Space Jamzz," and I pretty much play an assortment of whatever artists float my boat that week. I play mostly folk music, but bluegrass, folk punk, and old-timey jazz are no strangers to the show. I play a lot of Decemberists/Black Prairie, First Aid Kit, Zombies, Andrew Jackson Jihad, Simon and Garfunkel, Mills Brothers, and Nick Drake. When I am not pretending I know how to dance, rambling in the woods, writing, performing, or doing PR for the WMUH eboard, I am most likely riding my bike to get to one of those things.

Strings and Other Things

DJ: Allison Lloyd
Allison is a folk music enthusiast from Fort Collins, CO. She also enjoys bluegrass, country roots music, contemporary (indie) folk and, when the mood strikes, some classic 80s rock. She is a big advocate for local musicians from both the Lehigh Valley and her native state of Colorado. Allison enjoys being involved in radio as a way to bring together her life in Pennsylvania with her Western root


DJ: Andrew Malmgren
Andrew Malmgren started by playing a variety of harsh and intense music, then slowly moved to a more prog-rock heavy show. When he's not on the air, he enjoys playing the banjo and hanging out in wooded areas.

Dance Yrself Clean

DJ: Matthew McAlister
Hey y'all! I'm WMUH's southern-est DJ hailing from Nashville, Tennessee,Music City, USA. I play a lot of LCD Soundsystem, Modest Mouse, Reptar,and Wilco.

Enigma Radio

DJ: Victoria Mintzer
Tori Kate loves music with an obsessive passion. She can be seen hunting for new tunes in all places and loves an eclectic mix. Enigma Radio features a wide range from rap to alternative to classic rock; and, while her true love is ska, Tori will play anything well written or composed. Tune into her radio show to be kept guessing and hear music to put a smile on your face


DJ: Meredith Salisbury
Hey I’m Meredith and my show is called Serendipity. Serendipity sounds like my favorite place, which is the inside of a coffee shop on a cold winters day. Most of my music is singer-songwriter and folk, although I due tend to throw some country and alternative into the mix. So, grab yourself a steaming cup of coffee and enjoy the show

Sing-along w/SCHNARF

DJ: Emily Nina Scharf
I’m a psychology and art double major from New Jersey refusing to write about myself in the third person. My elbows bend the wrong way, I’m a human pizza bagel, and you should tune in as I try to figure out my musical taste and/or life choices. SCHNARF, SCHNARF

Saturday Morning Music with Julia

DJ: Julia Schneiderman
21 year old girl from Baltimore, MD. Interests include reading, film, poetry, writing, photography, music (eh), all types of berries, exotic gourmet lemonades (such as rosemary ginger lemonade), her family, her friends, her pets, and sometimes singing and the like. She plays everything from blues to rap to Ingrid Michaelson (only sometimes) and even Joyce Manor on occasion. She would be honored if you tuned in. ;)


DJ: William Segal
This is ill-will's first year at WMUH and he is ecstatic to be here! By way of Westchester County, New York, repping the "914 to your code", ill-will has been influenced by hip-hop his whole life. His family, friends, and fans, always influence the hip-hop based show, adding additions of EDM, country, and Motown classics. On Fridays from 10-12 you can catch him on the only station that matters doing his thing ! You can also follow him on twitter @willthathrill51 !

Anything Goes

DJ: Kayla Staub
Kayla Staub is a new DJ heralding from Spring Grove, Pennsylvania. Majoring in neuroscience, Kayla hopes to become a pediatrician or an OB/GYN. Besides eating yummy Pennsylvania Dutch food, she loves to make cookies for her friends, watch movies, go to concerts, and find new music. Warped Tour is on her summer to –do list every year, especially to see her favorite band, Mayday Parade. Check out her show Anything Goes and here an eclectic array of rock-pop-alternative music, from Rise Against and The Classic Crime to softer hits from Ingrid Michaelson and This Providence.

Electric Jump Rope Forever

DJ: Amy Sysyn
Amy has been a DJ with WMUH for three years now and is currently the station manager. Her show, Electric Jump Rope Forever, often features music by The National, Elliott Smith, Broken Social Scene, Yuck, One Direction, Radiator Hospital, various shades of Justin Vernon, and Jewel, obviously, do you even know anything about her at all. She likes to conduct herself professionally and professionally conduct pizzas into her mouth.

Songs for a Friend

DJ: Anna Thiessen
I got into radio because I wanted to do something out of my comfort zone, you know, broaden my horizons and all that. Plus, I have always been into music. I play mostly indie pop or indie rock with some older pop/rock thrown in. I also enjoy working with the Lehigh Valley Literacy Center and helping adults who have immigrated to the area learn to read and speak English.

Dazzling Dylan's Awesome Variety Show

DJ: Dylan White
Come one, come all for some awesome variety in music! I play everything from indie to gypsy punk to bluegrass to videogame music to showtunes,and if I don't play something you like, you're welcome to call in and request what you want. I'll be happy to oblige. Halfway through every show is New Release Roulette, where I pull random new releases off the shelf and we enjoy them for the first time together. Why I became a DJ: I wanted to be able to share the music that I like with a larger community and play music that people would normally not hear on the radio.

Enthusiasm For Music Defeats Existential Fear

DJ: Bradley Ziegler
In his fourth and final year at WMUH, Brad's show Enthusiasm For Music Defeats Existential Fear continues to explore a blend of music ranging from the newest of the new to the oldest of the old. Join him to find out how to defeat all forms of fear, existential and otherwise, through the power of groovy tunage.

Beta Boiz

Tuesdays 10pm-12am
DJ: Colin Zelin
The Beta Boiz are Colin Zelin and Vibhor Sharma. Tune in Tuesdays from 10pm to 12am for post hardcore/ reverb-y pop jamz.


DJ: Andrea Freed
Hello friends, this is Andrea, your Matzahballin’ Mondays DJ playing you tunes every week ranging from folk to classic rock to alternative beats. Outside of playing music for your listening pleasures, you can find this Bostonian immersed in readings for Political Science and Sociology, a stellar combination of majors. (I also enjoy chocolate and long walks on the beach). Tune in every week to hear what I have in store for you and don’t forget: EVERY Monday is Matzahballin’.

Cookin With The Berg'

DJ: Andrew Berger
I became a DJ because I wanted to add more music to my collection and get into different genres. Cookin With the Berg is a radio show that plays rock in all of its many forms from alternative rock to indie rock to hard rock to classic rock and anything else in-between that I feel like playing. When I’m not on the radio I’m jamming out with my friends making new music to put in the mix.