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The Ethics of the Anthropocene: Crisis Earth

The earth is experiencing an era of rapid environmental change. The impact of human activity is the dominant influence on the planet’s environment and can be found in the soil, water, air and rocks. Scientists have dubbed this new geological era the Anthropocene and are scrambling to understand how these changes affect ecosystems.  

Some businesses, communities, societies and political systems are responding to this change while others are not. Are these responses, or lack thereof, ethical? Who are the winners and losers as humans face down environmental catastrophe in the era of the Anthropocene? How can we face these environmental challenges ethically? When and why do we fail? This year's Center for Ethics event series, The Ethics of the Anthropocene: Crisis Earth, will explore the ethical implications of addressing the environmental damage that humankind has produced.


Brian Mello, Director
Associate Professor, Political Science
Kimberly Heiman, Program Director
Senior lecturer, Biology

Kammie Takahashi, Program Director
Associate professor, Religion Studies