Faculty Center for Teaching
Grant Awards for AY 2016 – 2017


Small Group Development Grant Awards:

  • Fall 2016:  Creativity Across the Curriculum – Rita Chesterton, Laura Edelman, and Robin Riley-Casey.
  • Spring 2017:  Statistical Analysis with Bootstrapping and Randomization – Byungchul Cha, Allison Davidson, and James Russell

Pedagogical Development Grants Awards for Summer 2016:

  • Brea Burger (Public Health):  4 week grant to develop and incorporate active learning and team-based pedagogies into the Epidemiology course.
  • Brian Mello (Political Science):  4 week grant to research and construct units on video game-based learning for the Conflict and Peace Studies course.
  • Mark Sciutto (Psychology):  8 week grant to reconfigure the Developmental Psychopathology course to replace an existing textbook with primary source readings and to design accompanying digital resources in the form of on-line mini-modules.
  • Mirna Trauger (Languages, Literatures & Cultures):  4 week grant to develop a course for the Theatre & Dance Department on Hispanic drama in translation called Contemporary Hispanic Theatre.

Travel Grants:

  • Marsha Baar (Chemistry):  to attend and present at the Biennial Conference of Chemistry Education, University of Northern Colorado.
  • Byungchul Cha (Mathematics):  to participate in a mini-course on aligning undergraduate statistics education with the new ASA/GAISE guidelines at the Joint AMS/MAA meetings, Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Joseph Keane (Chemistry):  to attend and present at the National Conferences of Advanced POGIL Practitioners at Muhlenberg College.
  • Brian Mello (Political Science):  to attend and present at the Northeastern Political Science Association Meeting, Boston, Massachusetts.
  • Michael Schnack (Music):  to present two workshops, one for children and one for adults, in Dresden, Germany.
  • Erika Sutherland (Languages, Literatures & Cultures): to attend and present at the Mid-Atlantic Conference on Hispanic Literatures, Lawrence, Kansas.
  • Sherri Young (Chemistry):  to present two chemistry education talks at the Middle Atlantic Regional Meeting (MARM) of the American Chemical Society (ACS), Hershey, Pennsylvania.