You will need to complete this everyday before you access campus or leave your residence hall.  Students must complete this no later than 10am.

1. Download the iMuhlenberg app or visit

2. Click  “Daily Self Assessment” and answer the questions.

3. Get your results (✅ cleared to enter OR ❌entry denied )

4.  If you get the ✅,

    ✅ Students will need to present their results screen upon arriving to campus for move-in. 

    ✅ All campus community members must present their daily results before entering

    the dining hall, as well as other designated areas on campus, and at select times.

 5.  If you get the ❌, click "Next Steps", which will instruct you accordingly:

           If you are home, please speak with your healthcare provider. 

           Day students already on campus should call Health Services immediately

           GCE students should (return home if on campus already) and contact their healthcare


           Employees should contact their healthcare provider, and notify Human Resources

           via email:

5.  Your results will be valid for one day.