Location-based Notifications

Currently, the location feature is used by Muhlenberg to send you a reminder via push notification to complete the self-assessment for Covid-19 symptoms.  This reminder is triggered once a user is within 1 mile of the Muhlenberg campus.

Going forward, the Location feature may be used on-campus to trigger other information such as when you enter the Bookstore, what special deals are available, or even when you enter the cafeteria, what menu items may be highlighted.  We do not have this set up yet, but it is something that may be pursued.

Please note:  this is not a tracking feature.  Your mobile device will not interact with the iMuhlenberg app outside of specifically defined locations on campus.  The only location-based interaction that will occur  will be within the campus proximity and only to push campus information to you (not pull from).


To enable location-based notifications, first enable push notifications.  Then follow the steps below to configure location settings.

Apple Device 

Settings > Privacy > Location Services

Turn Location Services ON
Scroll down and click iMuhlenberg
Check "Always"


Android Device 

Click your device “Settings”.  Click "Applications".  Choose iMuhlenberg and under "Permissions",  turn on "Locations".


Please note:  Location-based notifications are not available through browsers