Push Notifications


FIRST:  Download the iMuhlenberg app from the Apple Store or Google Play if you haven't done so already.  Then, either click "OK" when prompted with the message requesting permission to send notifications, OR open  the app and follow the instructions below.Permission to receive notifications


SECOND:  Be sure you have enabled push notifications for your device as follows:

Apple Device:  Click your device “Settings”.  Scroll down and choose iMuhlenberg. Click "Notifications" and turn on "Allow Notifications"
Android Device:  Click your device “Settings”.  Click "Applications".  Choose iMuhlengerg and under "App Settings", allow Notifications.


THIRD:  Choose your subject/channel of interest:

  1. Open the iMuhlenberg app
  2. Click the blue “Messages & Reminders” circle/link.
  3. Click "View Recent Messages", then click “Opt-In” at the top.  screen sampleFinally, click “Explore all opt-in-channels”
  4. Choose any channel you’d like to hear from!


Choose to receive messages (announcements,  reminders, etc) from the following Channels: 

  • Academics (Academic calendar, course-based events, etc)
  • Athletics
  • Berg Bites
  • Dining Services
  • Athletics 
  • Performances, Concerts & Exhibitions
  • Student Life (club activities, etc)