As part of the Department of Accounting, Business, Economics, and Finance, Muhlenberg College’s business program develops knowledgeable, independent thinkers who are well-equipped to succeed as colleagues and leaders in complex business environments, passionate about a life of learning, and prepared for rewarding careers in diverse professions.

We achieve our mission by helping Muhlenberg College Business Administration majors to attain the following learning outcomes that prepare them for successful post-graduate employment or graduate education:

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of core business principles that create value and profit, and promote other organizational goals
  2. Demonstrate the interactions between marketing, management, operations, accounting, and finance in business
  3. Use critical thinking and research skills to explore, identify and solve business-related problems
  4. Apply appropriate qualitative and quantitative methods for business analysis and decision-making
  5. Explain how business reflects the economic context of choice, risk, and optimization
  6. Appreciate the importance and influence of ethical standards and social responsibility in business practice
  7. Describe the importance of global issues in business decisions and practice
  8. Work effectively in teams to collaborate and solve problems
  9. Demonstrate leadership skills in team and organizational settings
  10. Communicate effectively verbally, in writing, and visually with current technology