Africana Studies Internship

Students are encouraged to complete a one-credit internship as one of their elective requirements for Africana Studies. All internships for Africana Studies must be approved by Dr. Gallon, director of Africana Studies

Local Internship Opportunities:

Allentown Public Library

Lehigh County Historical Society

Museum of Indian Culture

Trexler Library

Union Baptist Church

National Internship Opportunities


IM Diversity Career Center

National Civil Rights Museum Employment

National Council for Black Studies

If you wish to arrange your own internship, please be sure to get approval from Professor Gallon before registering.

To register for an internship, students must complete a registration form and Internship Learning Contract.

Please refer to the Internship Manual for these registration forms and guidelines.

1. The registration form requires signatures from the site supervisor and the Africans Studies director.

2. Students are required to complete Parts I, II, and V of the Internship Learning Contract. Recognize that this contract stipulates your hours and responsibilities while at site, and informs the site supervisor of his/her responsibilities to complete a midterm and final evaluation. It also provides the faculty supervisor with all necessary contact information, so it should be completed clearly and legibly.

3. Students wishing to enroll in an Africana Studies internship must read closely the Muhlenberg College Internship Manual, as it contains information on internship etiquette, liability, student, faculty, and supervisor guidelines. It also includes copies of the Internship Learning Contract, midterm and final evaluation forms.


Please contact Dr. Kucik should you have questions about an Africana Studies internship.