For the past eight years, Muhlenberg placed interested American Studies and International Studies majors in short-term internships at the UN, working with DoCip (Documents for Indigenous Peoples) a Geneva based, non-governmental organization. The students have performed whatever tasks have been needed of them, from information technology to clerical work and message deliveries. DoCip has also enlisted our students as interpreters in Spanish, French, and Russian to help process tribes’ and NGOs’ oral and written reports for distribution to all those who attend the conference. Paticipating students have subsequently been hired by NGOs and placed in graduate programs where they have pursued advanced study in areas addressed by the Permanent Forum.  These students gained a great deal from the exposure to this extraordinary political event, the cultural and legal aspects of which have provided not only memorable learning experiences but connections and friendships that they continue to enjoy. We plan to continue this program into the foreseeable future.