The Studio Art Major & Minor

The curriculum of the studio art program is designed to prepare students to develop independent creative work, research new concepts, gain in-depth skills in a particular medium, and develop transferable skills including written and visual communication. Our students are strongly encouraged to double major/minor, study abroad, and take interdisciplinary courses outside of the department. Students may now also double major/minor in Art History & Studio Art.

The Concentration

For the core of the major students choose an area of concentration which they explore in depth. Concentrations include: Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Photography, and Sculpture. In addition to the concentration students take foundation courses in drawing and digital media, art history, and one or more elective in a different medium.

Senior Seminar

All Studio Art Majors participate in Senior Seminar, an exciting program that allows students to work independently within a supervised structure, meeting regularly with studio art faculty and visiting artists. All studio majors are required to complete the fall semester CUE: Senior Studio Seminar: Portfolio Development, in which they develop a sustained project over the course of the semester. Students who have a strong record of work are invited to extend their project into a yearlong visual thesis, culminating in a group exhibition in the Martin Art Gallery through Senior Studio Seminar: Exhibition.

Studio Art Honors Program

Selected Studio seniors are invited to enroll in Senior Studio Seminar: Thesis Exhibition during the spring semester. Students enrolled in this course are invited to submit an application to the faculty for honors designation. Departmental Honors in Studio Art will be granted to majors who have met the following conditions:

-The candidate has earned a minimum graduation GPA of 3.20
-The candidate has met the expectations of both Senior Studio Seminar courses.
-The candidate has successfully participated in the Senior Art Exhibit, and the faculty has juried the exhibited work to be of superior quality. The faculty will jury the work based on concept, research and preparation, technical execution, and presentation.

Studio Art Major Requirements (10 Courses)

-Drawing Studio
-Digital Foundations
-Introduction to Art History I
-Introduction to Art History II
-Modern Art OR Contemporary Art
-The Concentration: at least one studio sequence through the 300 level
-One additional ARS 100 level course
-CUE: Senior Studio Seminar: Portfolio Development

Studio Art Minor Requirements (5 Courses)

-Drawing I OR Drawing Studio
-Introduction to Art History I OR Introduction to Art History II
-One ARS sequence through the 200 level
-One additional ARS 100 level course

 How to Declare a Studio Art Major or Minor

1. Pick up a “Field of Study Declaration” form from the Registrar or online here.

2. Get current advisor’s signature to drop undeclared status/ drop current major or minor (if needed).

3. Email Art Department Chair Margo Hobbs ( to set up an appointment.

4. Get the Art Department Chair’s signature. You may request a specific advisor. Students typically get their first choice of advisor unless that faculty already has a full advising load.

For more information on advising and declaring a major/minor at Muhlenberg visit the Registrar's FAQ page.