Biology Department NSFInterdisciplinary Research Opportunities
Plant-Insect Interactions

Summer and Semester Paid Positions at Muhlenberg

Multiple paid positions are available to work as a student researcher on the ecological, chemical, genetic, and statistical/technology aspects of plant-insect interactions during the semester and for fulltime simmer work. Sutdents will be part of a collaborative research team working in a variety of disciplines. Contact Dr. Niesenbaum in Biology for more infomration:

Faculty mentors and their areas of focus include:

  • Dr. George Benjamin - (Math & Computer Science): Estimation, Digital Capture Technologies, and Statistical analysis of plant-insect interactions


  • Dr. Marten Edwards (Biology): Molecular analysis of plant genetic variation underlying plant-insect interactions
  • Dr. Christine Ingersoll (Chemistry): Variation in leaf chemistry in relation to environment and insect consumption


  • (Biology): Ecological and field study of plant-insect interactions

To apply, submit application with the following information:

  1. Personal information including name, year, contact information, mahjor, and relevant course work
  2. Choice of faculty mentor and focus area (see above).
  3. Brief statemnet of how this research experience will support your short and long-term goals
  4. List of prior research experiences inluding any specific research skills

Students should feel free to consult specific mentors for more information. This project is supported by the National Science Foundation. Students from groups that are under represented in the sciences (Afican American, Hispanic, Native American) are encouraged to apply.



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