The Chemistry & Biochemistry Club has two main objectives:

  • reveal the applications of chemistry outside the classroom
  • explore the post-graduate opportunities for those seeking a chemistry or biochemistry degree

The club handles demonstrations, seminars and meetings with faculty and undergraduate researchers, applying the concepts learned in the classroom to the laboratory setting.

The seminars, lunches and receptions with chemistry graduates are excellent opportunities for students to learn about the possibilities available to those graduating with a chemistry or biochemistry degree. These events also provide the chance for students to get a foot in the door with universities and laboratories for further study.

The Chem/Biochem Club also holds service opportunities for students to aid the Allentown community and collect volunteer hours. 

Chemistry & Biochemistry Club Leadership

President: Hani Tolaymat

Vice-President: Naomi Rubi

Treasurer: Jocelyn Mertz

Secretary: Margeaux Shelley

Outreach: Anna-Maria Haddad

Faculty Advisor: Jonathan Gooch

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