Chemistry   Bruce D. Anderson     Institute for Jewish-Christian Understanding

   Professor of Chemistry
   Department Chair
   Shankweiler 334
   (484) 664-3269

B.A., McDaniel College
Ph.D., University of Colorado

Research Interests:
Fluorescence Spectroscopy – Fluorescence and fluorescence quenching techniques, including resonance energy transfer, are used to investigate a variety of problems with biological or environmental applications. Current work is examining how soil pollutants such as PAH's and antibiotics bind to humic acid. Laser induced fluorescence and fluorescence lifetime measurements will be developed in the near future.

Laser Initiated Reactions – A Nd:YAG laser is used to irradiate a solution of graphite in alcohol and linear polyynes are produced. Research continues to investigate how to increase the yield of the polyynes and probe the mechanism of polyyne formation.  Research involving other solvents, changing the laser power, irradiation time and solution concentration is underway.

Recent Student Publications and Presentations:

Jake T. Herb*, Bruce D. Anderson, “Investigating the binding of acridine, acridine orange, and acridine yellow G to humic acid through fluorescence quenching ,” Applied Spectroscopy, 2013, 67, 752-756.

Melanie Henry*, Hudson G. Roth*, Bruce D. Anderson, “The Particle in a Box Redux: Improved Experimental Conditions for the Laser Synthesis of Linear Polyynes,” J Chem Educ, 2012, 89, 960-961.

Bruce D. Anderson, “Cyclic Polyynes as Examples of the Quantum Mechanical Particle on a Ring,” J Chem Educ, 2012, 89, 724-727.


Courses Taught:
CHM 100 Introductory Chemistry
CHM 103 General Chemistry I
CHM 321 Physical Chemistry I
CHM 322 Physical Chemistry II
CHM 420 Laser Chemistry