Dr. Kate Herrera    

    Kathleen Herrera     Institute for Jewish-Christian Understanding

    Full-time Lecturer and Instrumentation Specialist
    Shankweiler Room 336
    (484) 664-3973

B.S. in Chemistry, University of the Philippines
Ph.D., University of Florida

Dr. Kate Herrera's graduate research is on quantitative, analytical applications of laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy.

Recent Publications:

Semi-quantitative analysis of metal alloys, brass and soil samples by calibration-free laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy: recent results and considerations (http://www.rsc.org/Publishing/Journals/JA/article.asp?doi=b820493d)

Comparative study of two standard-free approaches in laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy as applied to the quantitative analysis of aluminum alloy standards under vacuum conditions (http://www.rsc.org/Publishing/Journals/JA/article.asp?doi=b820494b

Courses Taught:
CHM 101 Chemistry of the Environment
CHM 103 General Chemistry I
CHM 104 General Chemistry II
CHM 311 Analytical Chemistry I