Keri L. Colabroy      Institute for Jewish-Christian Understanding

     Professor of Chemistry
     Co-Director of the Biochemistry Program
     New Science Bldg 227
     (484) 664-3665

B.S., Messiah College
M.S., Ph.D., Cornell University

My primary research interest is the chemistry of biological systems. I am fascinated by the mechanisms used by enzymes to catalyze complex reactions. Enzymes catalyze specific transformations in aqueous solution and at ambient temperature that would not be possible using techniques of organic chemistry. My PhD work focused on understanding the mechanism by which 3-hydroxyanthraniliate is converted using enzymatic and non-enzymatic steps to quiniolinic acid, a precursor to the redox cofactor nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. Secondary metabolites such as antibiotics are often complicated structures that involve multiple interesting enzymatic steps to assemble. My present work includes using the tools of chemistry to understand the enzymatic mechanisms of antibiotic assembly. Research interests are in the chemistry of biological systems, specifically in the area of mechanistic enzymology with a focus on antibiotic biosynthesis. This work uses a variety of techniques drawn from different fields including molecular biology, organic chemistry and classical biochemistry, to elucidate enzyme mechanism and function.

Recent Student Publications and Presentations:

Connor, K.L., Colabroy, K. L., Gerratana, B. A Heme Peroxidase with a functional role as an L-Tyrosine Hydroxylase in the Biosynthesis of Anthramycin. Biochemistry 2011 Oct 18, 50(41):8926-36

Colabroy, KL A Writing Intensive Methods-Based Laboratory Course for Undergraduates Biochemistry and
Molecular Biology Education. 2011, 39 (3): 196-203


Courses Taught:
CHM 201/202 Organic Chemistry I and II
BCM 341 Experimental Biochemistry
BCM 441 Advanced Biochemistry