Many of the labs for the college Chemistry Department are housed in the Trumbower Science BuildingThe Chemistry Department provides a strong foundation in science for students with a wide variety of goals. Our curriculum balances breadth in the traditional branches of chemistry with advanced electives in highly specialized areas. Students learn through class and laboratory work and hands-on study with modern scientific equipment is emphasized.

Close faculty-student interaction is found at all levels of instruction including independent research under the direction of a faculty mentor. Students develop critical thinking, scientific inquiry and communication skills and prepare for futures that will serve the public good. Our program maintains American Chemical Society certification.

Learning Goals

Students will:

1. Demonstrate problem solving skills.

2. Demonstrate basic laboratory skills, including those involved in synthesis,
characterization and quantitative analysis.

3. Demonstrate effective communication skills, including conventions for written, graphic and oral communication of scientific results.

4. Understand the structures of atoms, functional groups, molecules and bulk materials and how they relate to reactivity, physical properties and biological function.

5. Understand the fundamentals of chemical instrumentation including operation, functional principles, capabilities and limitations.

6. Understand the theory and principles behind observed chemical phenomena and the
methods used to study them.

7. Understand the process of scientific research, including how to arrive at appropriate
questions, propose hypotheses, design and execute experiments, analyze data and
interpret results.

8. Learn to locate and interpret scientific literature.

9. Learn and practice safe laboratory procedures.

10. Understand the role chemistry plays in everyday life.

Contact Information

Department of Chemistry

Address Muhlenberg College Chemistry 2400 Chew Street Allentown, PA 18104