Molecule Day 2000 - Nicotine

An insider’s look at the truth about nicotine addiction and what the tobacco companies don’t want you to know
by Dr. Victor DeNoble

ChemistryKeynote Speaker, Victor DeNoble, Ph.D., former research scientist for Philip Morris (makers of Marlboro), reveals secrets about the addictive nature of nicotine and what happened when Philip Morris shut down his research on a "safer" cigarette. He testified before congress in 1994 on his findings on nicotine addiction in rats.

Some Poster Titles on the Subject -

  • Transition Metal Ions and Nicotine: Spectroscopic Evidence for Complex Ion Formation. (Inorganic Chemistry)
  • Effect of Tobacco Smoke on Brassica rapa Growth. (Environmental Science)
  • Response of Lettuce to Soil Contaminated with Nicotine Products. (Environmental Science)
  • Capillary Electrophoretic Determination of Nicotine in Tobacco Products. (Analytical Chemistry)

Ion Pair High Performance Liquid Chromatography for the Theoretical Determination of Nicotine. (Analytical Chemistry)