Student Research

Academic Year
A student can roster independent study/research as a course during the academic year. The student must discuss an independent research elective directly with the faculty sponsor to determine the nature of the research project and the time spent in the lab during the week. Research electives typically culminate in a research paper at the end of the semester.

Credits received 0.5 (6 hours per week)
  1.0 (12 hours per week)
Student must roster CHM 970, BCM 970 or ESC 970
Research Form

Summer Research

During the summer semester a student can roster CHM 970, BCM 970 or ESC 970 and perform independent research with a faculty member for 8-10 weeks. Students apply for placement in the summer research program in January (at the Chemistry department office) and are subsequently assigned to a faculty member that performs research in the student's area of interest. Students that participate in summer research at Muhlenberg receive a stipend ($2,600-$3,000), 1.0 course credit (no charge) and housing (no charge). Students are encouraged to discuss summer research opportunities with individual faculty.

Muhlenberg College research page

Student Publications and Presentations

Students have the opportunity to showcase their research throughout the year. In April, research students travel to area colleges with their instructor to present their work at the Intercollegiate Science Convention (ISC). Summer research for the entire science division is displayed during a September poster session. The spring chemistry seminar course gives students the opportunity to present their research to peers and faculty.