Summer Research in the Chemistry Department

Every year the Chemistry department supports many students on a variety of research projects. While most of the students work on campus, we have an agreement with the University of Michigan that allows one of our students to perform research in Ann Arbor each summer. 

‌Students who perform research on campus during the summer typically work full time for eight weeks under the close supervision of a faculty member. The students receive a stipend for their work, a course unit toward graduation with the tuition waived, and housing is provided at no cost. While you won’t get rich, it is a good package, and more importantly the experience is extremely valuable no matter what your career goals are.

If you are interested in summer research, you should read the faculty research descriptions and then talk to the faculty whose research most interests you. A list of faculty who will be taking students usually comes out in December and then applications are typically due in the Department office in the latter part of January.