Overall Dana Requirements

  1. First Year
    1. a. Dana First Year Seminar (1.0 credit)
  2. Sophomore Year
    1. a. Sophomore Seminar (0.5 credit)
  3. Senior Year
    1. a. Dana Forum (0.5 credit each semester, 1 credit total)
  4. Before Graduation
    1. a. Mentorship (1.0 credit total), AND
    2. b. Mentorship or Internship (1.0 more credit)


Questions and Answers

1. What’s the difference between an internship and a mentorship?


Work experience undertaken for the purpose of applying knowledge from the classroom to a practical work environment and actively reflecting on that activity. This can also be an experience that allows a student to gain insights into a profession. See row below about research internships. Allows students to collaborate with a faculty member of choice in order to develop an original project. Similar to an independent study. This is meant to encourage independent research and original work.

Registration Requirement

Must submit an internship registration form to the Registrar within the internship registration deadline. It must be registered as a DNA credit (DNA 960). Must discuss a research plan/proposal with the faculty sponsor you want to work with before registering for the mentorship. Must submit a mentorship registration form (same as independent study registration form) to the Registrar within the registration deadline. It must be registered as a DNA credit (DNA 970).


Working as a research assistant to Faculty, you don’t have authorship over the research. You are assisting the professor in their research. Doing original research under supervision of faculty, find faculty whose research is related to your original research to be your “mentor.”

Final Product

Final reflection paper and weekly or bi-weekly logs submitted to the faculty internship supervisor. It can take any form as long as it is agreeable to the student and the mentoring faculty member. It must beashareable form that reflects your work.


  • Typically done in a research lab setting
  • May be collaborating with others in the lab, but must have individual research assignments with definite outcomes

Social Sciences/Humanities

  • Independent research study supervised by a full-time Berg faculty which typically leads to a research paper


  • Can produce a research paperCan culminate in an original artistic production that should have some scholarly narrative associated with it

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