Mission and Learning Goals

Mission Statement

We believe that teaching is a professional and intellectual endeavor based in the liberal arts. We believe teachers have a responsibility to understand the implications of their work not only in regard to classroom practice, but in regard to the ethical, moral, political, and social realities which shape American education.

To this end, they will be critical in their response to these influences and advocate, both locally and nationally, for the needs of their students and the resources to meet the challenges facing public education.

As professionals, graduates of our program will have considerable influence in the curricular and pedagogical decisions which shape their classroom practice and will be actively involved in the governance of their schools. As professionals, they will possess a specific, sophisticated and research-based body of knowledge and use that knowledge to analyze events, frame problems and make decisions in planning, implementing and assessing instruction in accordance with state and national standards.

Our graduates will recognize the dignity and worth of all students. They will be prepared to teach the full range of students for which they are certified, including students from all ethnic and socioeconomic groups, as well as those with special needs and diverse intellectual abilities.

Learning Goals

Graduates of our program will be accountable for demonstrating:

  • a strong academic background in the liberal arts with mastery of a particular academic subject area
  • understanding and commitment to the rights and responsibilities of teachers as professionals within the school and community
  • creation of a positive, inclusive, safe and productive learning environment characterized by high expectations for all students
  • incorporation of state and national standards into curriculum
  • alignment of curriculum with instruction and assessment
  • modification of curriculum, instruction, and assessment to the needs of diverse learners
  • integration of technology with instruction
  • refinement of teaching practice on the basis of continual reflection and professional development