4-8 Program

In accordance with the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s changes to the certification programs, the Education Department offers the 4-8 Program beginning Fall Semester of 2010. This program is only open to the Class of 2014 and beyond.

The 4-8 programs are designed to prepare teachers as generalists (in grades 4-6 in most public schools) and content specialist (in grades 7 & 8 in most public schools) in mathematics, English language arts, or social studies. Acceptable majors in these programs are Mathematics, English, and American Studies.

Required Cognate Courses

  • One (1) composition/writing course (satisfied through the First -Year Seminar)
  • MTH 114: Fundamentals of Mathematics or MTH 116: Shape & Symmetry
  • One (1) additional mathematics course (MTH 114 or 116 recommended)
  • One (1) British or American Literature course
  • One (1) biological science course
  • One (1) physical science course
  • GEO 102: World Geography

Professional Core Courses

  • EDU 101: History and Politics of American Education
  • EDU 106: Educational Psychology: Adolescent Learning and Development
  • EDU 201: Introduction to Special Education
  • EDU 206: Integrating Curriculum & Instruction for Adolescent Learners
  • EDU 212: Inclusive Education for Emergent Bilingual Students
  • EDU 327: Literacy and the Integrated Social Studies Curriculum*
  • EDU 334: Math Education for Young Learners*
  • EDU 344: Science Education for Young Learners*

    One of the following (dependent on major):
  • EDU 330: Social Studies Education for Adolescent Learners*
  • EDU 336: Mathematics Education for Adolescent Learners*
  • EDU 363: English Education for Adolescent Learnerss*

    *Open to students who have been formally accepted into the program. Please see Admission Requirements for the criteria for Formal Acceptance.

Professional Semester

EDU 410: Assessment and Evaluation
EDU 420: Studies in Professional Education
EDU 950: Student Teaching I
EDU 951: Student Teaching II

Sample 4-Year Schedule