Student Teaching

The Professional Semester is the capstone experience where students have the opportunity to apply, adapt, and incorporate all that they have learned about teaching and learning while working within the context of a public school setting. Student Teaching is the core component of the professional semester. This semester consists of two fulltime teaching experiences in grade levels appropriate to the area of certification (PreK – 4, Grades 4 – 8, or Grades 7 – 12). As interns in the public schools, students have the opportunity to utilize the content knowledge and pedagogical skills gained in their academic preparation in actual classroom situations.

Lesson and unit planning as well as assessment and classroom management skills are honed with the support of mentor teachers and college supervisors. Daily seminars prior to student teaching and between placements focus on differentiated instruction, questioning strategies, lesson planning, meeting the needs of a diverse public school population, and strategies to enhance student motivation. Weekly seminar sessions during the semester provide the student teachers with a forum to reflect analytically on their classroom experiences as they develop their professional skills and voice.

Certification Test Pass Rates

Students who successfully complete the student teaching experience take a set of relevant professional license tests for certification. In accordance with Title II, a federally mandated reporting process, the Education Department submits data on its students to the Pennsylvania Department of Education. The summary pass rate, compiled and published by the Educational Testing Service, is provided below. The passing rates of our students’ professional license tests are near perfect in both the basic skills test—in reading, writing, and mathematics—and in content tests in all certification areas.



Pass Rate

All program completers, 2015-2016


All program completers, 2014-2015


All program completers, 2013-2014


All program completers, 2012-2013


All program completers, 2011-2012


All program completers, 2010-2011


All program completers, 2009-2010


All program completers, 2008-2009


All program completers, 2007-2008


 *Data incomplete due to changes in testing requirements at the PA Department of Education.