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Alumni Testimonials

Kelly A. Briganti, 1990: former practicing attorney and current legal editor
“The need to be able to quickly read and analyze large amounts of written material as an English major was great training for the volumes you must read and analyze in law school.  The analytical skills an English major learns are also good training for attorneys who need to spot legal issues, analyze the law and court decisions and draft legal documents.”

John Macreery, ’91, Applications Developer (computer programmer)
“Although an English major (with a Music minor) might seem incongruous with Information Technology, my degree has been very valuable in my career.  The ability for a technologist to communicate with users, management and clients in a language other than Geek Speak is rare and in demand . . . I attended Muhlenberg with a romantic, rather than pragmatic, view of education.  I would not trade what I gained in my class time in the Center for the Arts for the mild salary and position advantage I may have gained with a more ‘career appropriate’ course of study.  I find myself returning often to my notes on Shakespeare, Milton, the English Novel and Vietnam War Literature.  I believe that my English degree has been instrumental in a greater quality of life not a higher income.”

Meredith Miles Flanagan, ’91, Account Executive
“My Aetna colleagues always think it’s funny when they learn I was an English major, since a large part of my current job is based on analyzing renewals and financial reporting, which actually has a good deal of math involved (admittedly never my strong point).  I think my major has helped me immensely, though, in other ways.  I am very thorough and detailed and always can support my arguments creatively.  I have strong communication skills, both written and verbal, and have no problem being persuasive, building relationships or having empathy.  I am always the person that others come to for proofreading and for writing support, and this happens often!  Undoubtedly, I owe all of these traits to the course of study at Muhlenberg.”

Heidi Peltola Richard, ’97, Elementary School Teacher
“A degree in English has helped me in my career in a number of different ways.  First, it has made me a better communicator, both in writing and in spoken language.  I read a variety of different books while at Muhlenberg and continue to do so.  I am able to pass this love of literature on to my students now.  I also developed valuable writing skills that I can share with my students as I teach them to become better writers and communicators.  One of the best things about the English department at Muhlenberg was the willingness of all of the professors to sit down and go over a paper with the students or discuss a piece of text that may have been giving the student trouble.  I think that those interactions enriched my education in a way that cannot be found at many schools.”

Christine Moyer, ’02, Reporter at The Beacon News (daily), Chicago
“I found that while graduate school taught me how to be a journalist, the English courses I took at Muhlenberg taught me how to be a writer . . . Editors have told me that my feature stories surpass my hard news articles and I think that is dually because of the unrivaled training and instruction I received at Muhlenberg and my passion for narrative writing . . . What was valuable about the English major: the small, intimate classes that offered me the attention and support that I needed; workshops, which taught me how to edit and offered me an opportunity to get criticism and praise from my peers; and the variety of course I could choose from, including Shakespeare, African-American Literature and Native American Literature.”

Matthew Soffer, ’02, Rabbi
“I found the major to be remarkably interdisciplinary, each of the courses exposing me to the variety of cultures, histories, and world views that surround the literary texts and genres.”