Winners in 2021:

Poetry Winners

1st:  Alexandra Franchino

2nd: Kate Ekanem

3rd:  Avital Zemal and Carly Giacoio (tie)

Honorable Mentions:  Megan Bruhn & Hailey McMichael

Fiction Winners

1st:  Hannah Betz

2nd: Alexander Mast

3rd:  Ashling Wahner

Honorable Mentions: Micha Colahan, Alana Noehrenberg and Caya Greenspan-Layman

Nonfiction Winners:

1st:  Joe Ataide

2nd: Molly Levine

3rd:  Hannah Betz

Honorable Mentions:  Devon Fruscione & Kate Ekanem

Drama Winners:

1st:  Bryan Rodrigues-Oliviera and Caroline Dunn (tie)

2nd: Josh Cooperman

3rd:  Danielle Connolly