Dr. Kelsey's Publications, Presentations, and Posters

PUBLICATIONS (names marked * are student authors)

Mukherjee, A., Hawthorne, J., White, J.C., Kelsey, J.W. 2017. Nonoparticle silver coexposure reduces the accumulation of weathered persistent pesticides by earthworms. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry.  36:1864–1871.

Kelsey, J.W. and White, J.C. 2013.  Effect of C60 fullerenes on the accumulation of weathered p,p’-DDE by plant and worm species under single and multi-species conditions.  Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry.  32:1117–1123.

Kelsey, J.W., Slizovskiy, I.B.*, Petriello, M.C.*, Butler, K.L.*  2011.  Influence of plant-earthworm interactions on SOM chemistry and p,p’-DDE bioaccumulation.  Chemosphere.  83:897–902.

Slizovskiy, I.B.*, Kelsey, J.W., Hatzinger, P.B. 2011.  Surfactant-facilitated remediation of metal-contaminated soils:  efficacy and toxicological consequences to the earthworms Eisenia fetida and Lumbricus terrestris. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry. 30:112–125.

Slizovskiy, I.B.*, White, J.C., Kelsey, J.W.  2010.  Technical Note--Evaluation of extraction methodologies for the determination of an organochlorine pesticide residue in vegetation. International Journal of Phytoremediation. 12:820–832.

Slizovskiy, I.B.*, Kelsey, J.W.  2010.  Soil sterilization affects aging-related sequestration and bioavailability of p,p'-DDE and anthracene to earthworms. Environmental Pollution.  158:3285–3289.

Kelsey, J.W., Slizovskiy, I.B.*, Peters, R.D.*, Melnick, A.M.*  2010.  Sterilization affects soil organic matter chemistry and bioaccumulation of spiked p,p'-DDE and anthracene by earthworms.  Environmental Pollution.  158:2251–2257.

Kelsey, J.W., Peters, R.*, Slizovskiy, I.B.*  2008.  Effects of incubation time and organism density on the bioaccumulation of soil-borne p,p'-DDE by the earthworm, Eisenia fetida.  Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology.  81:266– 269.

White, J.C., Peters, R.*, and Kelsey, J.W.  2007.  Surfactants differentially impact p,p'-DDE accumulation by plant and earthworm species. Environmental Science and Technology.  41:2922–2929.

Peters, R.*, Kelsey, J.W., and White, J.C.  2007.  Differences in p,p'-DDE bioaccumulation from compost and soil by the plants Cucurbita pepo and C. maxima and the earthworms Eisenia fetida and Lumbricus terrestris.  Environmental Pollution. 148:539–545.

Kelsey, J.W., Colino, A.*, Koberle, M.*, White, J.C.  2006.  Growth conditions impact 2,2-bis (p-chlorophenyl)- 1,1-dichloroethylene (p,p'-DDE) accumulation by Cucurbita pepo.   International Journal of Phytoremediation.  8:261–271.

Parrish, Z.D., White, J.C., Isleyen, M., Gent, M.P.N., Iannucci-Berger, W., Eitzer, B.D., Kelsey, J.W., and Mattina, M-J I.  2006.  Accumulation of weathered polycyclic Aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) by plant and worm species.  Chemosphere.  64:609–618.

White, J.C., Parrish, Z.D., Isleyen, M., Gent, M.P.N., Iannucci-Berger, W., Eitzer, B.D., Kelsey, J.W., and Mattina, M-J I.  2006.  Influence of citric acid amendments on the availability of weathered PCBs to plant and earthworm species.  International Journal of Phytoremediation.  8:63–79.

Kelsey, J.W. and White, J.C.  2005.  Multi-species interactions impact the accumulation of weathered 2,2-bis (p-chlorophenyl)-1,1-dichloroethylene (p,p'-DDE) from soil.  Environmental Pollution.  137:222–230.

Kelsey, J.W., Colino, A.*, and White, J.C.  2005.   Effect of species differences, pollutant concentration, and residence time in soil on the bioaccumulation of p,p'-DDE by 3 earthworm species.  Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry. 24:703–708.

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Germanoski, D., Braunwell, P., Coykendall, J.P., and Kelsey, J.W.  1993.  Effects of agriculture, housing development, and industry on water quality in a small drainage basin, Bushkill Creek, Pennsylvania. Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs.  25:18.


Kelsey, J.W.  2012.  Effects of species differences and interactions on bioaccumulation of DDE from soil.  Invited lecture to the Shackouls Honors College, Mississippi State University.

White, J.C., and Kelsey, J.W.  2009.  Determining the bioavailability of highly weathered organochlorine insecticide residues.  Poster presented at the 238th ACS National Meeting, Washington, DC.

Kelsey, J.W., and White, J.C.  2005.  Effect of species differences and interactions on the bioaccumulation of weathered p,p'-DDE from soil.  Poster presented at the 26th annual meeting of the Society for Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry.  Baltimore, MD. 

Kelsey, J.W., Colino, A., and White, J.C.  2004.  Factors affecting the bioaccumulation of p,p'-DDE from soil by 3 earthworms species.  Poster presented at the 20th Annual International Conference on Contaminated Soils, Sediments, and Water.  University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA.

Kelsey, J.W.  2003.  Biological availability of organic pollutants in soil.  Invited lecture to the Department of Geology and Environmental Geosciences, Lafayette College, Easton, PA.

Medhurst, L.J. and Kelsey, J.W.  2000.  Improvements in Environmental Science Laboratory.  Presentation to the American Chemical Society, Division of Chemical Education, 220th ACS National Meeting. Washington, D.C.