Muhlenberg College offers a semester-long study abroad at Dublin City University (DCU) located in the Republic of Ireland.  Muhlenberg’s spring semester program in Dublin is especially designed for students majoring in Media and Communication and Film Studies, but is open to all students meeting program prerequisites.


Dublin, Ireland:  Ireland is famous for its history and culture, beautifully lush and sweeping countryside, and the hospitality of its people.  Located just west of Great Britain and a short distance from mainland Europe, Ireland’s small size and close proximity to other European centers offers a multitude of easy travel opportunities.  With half of its population under the age of 26, Ireland has a youth culture that is unmatched in Europe.  Ireland’s economic revival transformed Dublin into a vibrant, cosmopolitan metropolis.  The river Liffey ‘separates’ Dublin – widely known as the world’s largest village – into north and south Dublin.  From the charming modern, urban electricity of Dublin to the scenic wonders and historical relics of its surrounding areas, Ireland offers a thoroughly energizing adventure in another culture.  As the main city of Ireland for all its thousand-year history, Dublin is Ireland’s cosmopolitan capital. With a population of over one million Dublin is a dynamic city with a robust economy.  From the charm and heritage of old world Dublin to Grafton Street’s pulsating energy, of peaceful seasides, breathtaking mountain regions, and rolling green fields, Dublin is a remarkable blend of the traditional and modern.


Dublin City University (DCU): DCU is a young university, situated on an 85 acre campus three miles north of the River Liffey in the city centre and just a 15-minute drive from Dublin airport. With the city just a 10-minute bus ride away, students of DCU have the best of both worlds; the social and cultural benefits of city life, but with the security and vibrancy of a university campus built very much for today.

The design of the campus and the bright modern architecture make DCU a vibrant and attractive place to study. The campus is laid out to encourage community interaction with the John & Aileen O'Reilly Library at the East end and the restaurant and Helix Arts Centre at the West end. It is a place where young people can live, learn and develop in a dynamic but intimate environment.

The Academic Program:  Students will take 4 courses: 

  • 1 Media and Communication course taught by the Muhlenberg faculty member
  • 1 internship in a Media and Communication-related field (such as television, radio, video production, film, public relations, advertising, web marketing)
  • 2 Dublin City University courses

Also, the DCU International Officer will be available for students.

Program Pre-requisites:

  • Declared major in Media and Communication or Film Studies
  • Program Support: The Resident Director of the program (the Muhlenberg faculty member) will be on campus at DCU for at least the first 10 weeks.  DCU orientation is 2-3 days.
  • Students will take a 5-day study trip, for example to London, during their DCU semester.
  • Airport pick-up: on designated day and time.
  • Tuition and Fees: Students are charged Muhlenberg College tuition and room fees.  Spending money should be sufficient to cover food, entertainment, travel and additional costs associated with international travel. 
  • Financial Aid: Students will receive the same financial aid package for which they would otherwise be eligible.  That is, there is no reduction in financial aid based on program participation.
  • Overall GPA minimum of 3.0


Address Muhlenberg College Office of Global Education 2400 Chew Street Allentown, PA 18104