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Muhlenberg College offers a semester- long study abroad program at the Center for European Studies at Maastricht University located in the historic and beautiful city of Maastricht, The Netherlands. Muhlenberg's fall semester in Maastricht is especially designed for students majoring in accounting, business, economics or international studies, but is open to all students meeting program prerequisites. Student Feedback

The Center for European Studies:
The Center for European Studies (CES) is the specialized institute of Maastricht University responsible for cooperation with non-European colleges and universities. Maastricht University was founded in 1976 and is the youngest of the 13 Dutch universities. At present, Maastricht University has more than 14,500 students. A 1998-1999 government study showed that the School of Business and Economics ranked highest among universities in the Netherlands. Top ratings were also earned by the Faculties of Law, Health Sciences, Medicine and Psychology. Maastricht University annually attracts 7,200 international students.

CES was established in 1989, and as an academic organization offers both cooperatively developed special courses as well as regular Maastricht University courses. CES cooperates closely with the School of and Business and Economics Administration at Maastricht University to offer programs focused on Europe in which economic, political and socio-cultural topics are covered. CES has more than one hundred professors, most of whom are regular members of the Maastricht University faculty.

Global Education

Problem-Based Learning:
The educational method used at Maastricht University is called "problem-based learning" which is explicitly student-centered. Classes are taught in small groups of 8 to 12 students and demand a high level of student participation and cooperation. Professors place great importance on interdisciplinary learning. The policy of Maastricht University is to offer a major part of its courses in English so Dutch and foreign students can easily learn and study together. As English is the unofficial second language in The Netherlands, Dutch students are usually fluent in the English language.

Maastricht, The Netherlands:
The Netherlands is one of the six founding members of the European Community. Maastricht, with a population of approximately 125,000 inhabitants is situated in the southernmost tip of The Netherlands, 125 miles from Amsterdam, only 3 miles from the Belgian border and 25 miles from Germany. Its proximity to several major European cities truly make it a 'crossroads' to the surrounding region. In 1991, Maastricht gained international fame as the host of the European Summit where the 'Treaty of Maastricht' was adopted as the formal foundation of the European Union. The history of Maastricht goes back to 50 B.C., when the Romans built a settlement by the main road, near a ford in the Maas River. Over the years, the city withstood many sieges and emerged with a wealth of historic buildings making it one of the most attractive cities in The Netherlands.

Global Education

Program dates:
The Muhlenberg College fall semester program begins in late August and continues through early December. The program includes a one-week study trip.

The Academic Program:
Academic programs offer a global perspective and an international experience:

  • Business & Economics in Europe
  • EU Politics, Policy & International Relations
  • European Culture & Arts
  • European Law & Human Rights
  • European Society & History
  • Public Health & Medicine in Europe
  • Psychology & Neuroscience in Europe

Students enrolled in the Maastricht fall semester program will complete three courses offered through the Center for European Studies for which Muhlenberg College credit is earned. The following courses carry Muhlenberg credit:

Global Education

MEA-261. European Economic Integration:
An outline of the effects of European integration on the economy and the main changes in the institutional economic environment of business. In addition, an introduction to the economic analysis of trade policy measures using traditional and modern theories will be given.

MEA-265. International Management and Business Policy:
Introduction to the strategic management of international and multinational firms. Enterprise strategies with respect to the choice of geographic markets, modes of market entry, ownership policy, and sourcing will be discussed.

Global Education

MEA-267. Global Marketing Strategy:
This course is designed to provide an understanding of marketing strategy from an international, multinational, or global point of view. 

In addition, participating students will complete one course from the regular course offerings of Maastricht University. Typically, this course provides transfer credit that meets both department major and Muhlenberg College graduation requirements.

Upon successful completion of the course work, students will earn four Muhlenberg College course units. All courses are taught in English.

Program Prerequisites:
Typically, students should have completed the following Muhlenberg courses (or their equivalent):

  • Economics 101 & 102; (Principles)
  • Mathematics 104 (Statistics)
  • Accounting 101(Financial Accounting)
  • Business 235 (Management)
  • Business 239 (Marketing)

Students who have not completed the listed coursework should consult with the Department of Global Education as to the adequacy of their background preparation.

Global Education

Program Support:
After arrival in Maastricht, a CES staff member will accompany participants to the student accommodations office. During the initial orientation program and also during the entire length of the program period in Maastricht, CES staff will be available for advice and consultation. During orientation, participants will be paired with a Dutch student who will acquaint them with the neighborhood around the residence hall, the University buildings and the shopping areas.

Students will be housed in the International Student Guest House located a short distance from campus. Every student is housed in a a single occupancy room. The residence is self-catering.

Tuition and Fees:
Students are charged Muhlenberg College tuition and room fees. Spending money should be sufficient to cover food, entertainment, travel and additional costs associated with international travel.

Global Education

Financial Aid:
Students will receive the same financial aid package for which they would otherwise be eligible. That is, there is no reduction in financial aid based on program participation.


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