First Year Students

 Study abroad in your junior year - two events to attend in preparation for going abroad:

  1. Global Education Poster Fair - Attend the Study Abroad Poster Fair in September (date TBA), Seegers Union, Rooms 110, 111, 112, 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.
  2. First Year Student Information Meeting - The Global Education Office schedules this meeting to guide freshmen in program interest, course selections, etc.  You will receive emails with specific times and locations

    a) Thursday and Friday in October before Family Weekend

    b) again in the Spring semester (TBA).

Study Abroad Advising Tips:
  • You CANNOT take any course abroad to count as a "W" or writing intensive course.
  • You CANNOT take any course abroad to count as a cluster course.
  • Expect to have only one or two courses abroad count towards your major or minor unless you are going on a program specifically designed for the major, such as the Maastricht program, Dublin program, or theatre programs in London and Arezzo.
  • Take 300 or 400 level courses for your major at Muhlenberg before you go abroad. Some departments will not accept courses abroad to count for a 300-level course requirement in your major or minor.

  • Any courses you want to count for a major or minor must be pre-approved by your department chair, and NOT your advisor.

  • If you are taking a foreign language course abroad, it will most likely count as an elective towards graduation, and not as an "FL."

  • If you are a foreign language major or minor, only certain immersion programs will have courses that count for your major or minor. Courses in a foreign language will transfer for a language major or minor if they are literature or culture courses. Otherwise, they will transfer as electives towards graduation.

  • Programs in a country where English is not the native language will require you to take a foreign language course and a culture course. Culture courses can sometimes count as an "AR" (art) or "HU" (humanities) or "SL (social science) division course requirement. You may want to wait to take these requirements abroad rather than here. Otherwise, they will transfer in as electives towards graduation.

  • Generally, you cannot take an RG (reasoning) requirement abroad.

  • Generally, you cannot take an SC (science) requirement abroad unless you are in Australia, Denmark, or Florence, Italy.

  • Some courses will qualify for the DE (human difference or global engagement) requirement if they are approved by the Curriculum Committee. Students need to request approval through the Office of Global Education.

  • Internships: Approved programs with internships for credit include:

    • CAPA - London and Shanghai

    • Lutheran College Washington Semester

    • Muhlenberg at Dublin City University, Ireland

    • SAI: Muhlenberg at Florence University of the Arts, Italy

    • SIT - Some programs

    • Other internships will be non-credit.

NOTE: More than 50% of Muhlenberg students study in a country where English is NOT the native language. Strive for that too. 52% of the class of 2017 studied abroad. YOU should too! With good prior planning, you can study abroad no matter what your MAJOR or MINOR is!!!


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