Parent Information (for semester programs ONLY)

The study abroad experience is always rewarding and is often life defining. Thank you for making this opportunity available.

You will receive the following information after the Global Education office approves your son or daughter's application to participate in a study abroad program:

  • Parent letter
  • Copy of the student's approval letter
  • Copy of the student's acceptance form
  • Global Education Policy statement
  • Muhlenberg College Waiver
  • Global Education manual
  • Medical Form
  • Withdrawal Policy cover letter
  • Withdrawal Policy for student's specific program
  • Approval Booklet

As indicated in the policy statement, students enrolled in approved programs pay regular Muhlenberg tuition fees, and as appropriate, Muhlenberg room or board charges. Participating students receive the same financial package for which they would have otherwise qualified had they remained on campus.

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Office of Global Education

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