Sea Semester
Emma Fichtner - SEA Semester, Colonization to conservation in the Caribbean, Spring 2016

Welcome Fall 2016 Students
Emma Peretz - Accademia dell'Arte - Fall 2016

Love inside the Louvre
Oshane Kirlew - SAI: Muhlenberg at Florence University -  Fall 2015

Media and Communications in Dublin - Muhlenberg Weekly

Programs Available? Muhlenberg Weekly

Learning About Russia Firsthand
Nicholas Farmer - Fall 2013

Blogging from Denmark
Gabriela Contino - Fall 2012

We were active participants, 24/7
Michelle Rossi - Sea Semester:  Sustainability in Polynesian Island Cultures & Ecosystem - Spring 2012

Curling Club
Katie Lowery - University of Edinburgh - Spring 2011

Students on the Radio
Kimberly Dodson and Jessie MacBeth - CIEE: University of Ghana - Fall 2011

Samoa: Pacific Communities and Social Change
Alumni - Acacia Cochise '08 - SIT - Samoa

'Continuing my education in the unique SFS way'
Alumni - Helena Manzella '10 - Costa Rica

Day of Rage
Jennifer Melis - The American University in Cairo, Egypt - Spring 2011

Something You're Passionate About
Raffaele Napolitano - CIEE: University of Ferrara, Liberal Arts, Italy - Spring 2010

Peter Swiatek - SIT: Social Entrepreneurship in the Himalaya, Nepa l- Spring 2010

Awesome Muhlenberg!
Riho Yamada (exchange student) - Home school Otaru University, Japan.

The global trash talkers' past time
Adam Yu - CIEE: University of Ferrara, Language and Culture - Spring 2009

A Mule in Washington
Mollie Lieblich - Lutheran College Washington Semester - Fall 2009
Written for The Muhlenberg Weekly by Jeremy Goldberg

Jocelin Thau - The Center for Cross Cultural Study, Seville, Spain - Spring 2009

Article published by Mark Albom while attending Hebrew University
Mark Albom - Hebrew University, Israel - Spring 2008

Oren's Travels
Oren Smith - CIEE: Vesalius College at the Vrije Universiteit, Brussels, Belgium

The Florence Newspaper
Kimberly O'Brien - Fairfield University Program in Florence, Italy - Fall 2007

Junior girls do capital internships in D.C.
Rael Linder -Lutheran College Washington Semester - Fall 2009
Written for The Muhlenberg Weekly by Rael Linder

Lesson from Studying Abroad
Rachel Majkszak - Royal Holloway University, Fall 2007, Washington
Semester - Spring 2008

Reporting from Australia
Jackie Dearborn - SFS: Tropical Rainforest Management Studies, Australia - Spring 2007

What it means to be Jewish
Melissa Berman - CET Jewish Studies Program, Czech Republic - Fall 2007

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