Wide Reaching Program

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship program sponsors many events both on and off campus as part of our mission to promote the entrepreneurial mindset in all Muhlenberg students. Examples of some of our recurring programming include Dinner with an Entrepreneur, the Innovation Challenge, and Failure Fest (co-sponsored with the BYOB entrepreneurship club).


Dinner with an Entrepreneur

As part of our Dinner with an Entrepreneur series, students have the opportunity to meet with entrepreneurs in a small group setting and share a meal. Often we have the opportunity to meet with the entrepreneur in their workplace for a more in-depth experience. 

In October 2019, Muhlenberg students had the opportunity to meet with CEO, Paul Hodges and CMO Chris Clark co-founders of SolTech Solutions. SolTech is a state-of-the-art company specializing in LED lighting to enhance plants & flora in interior design. Students were able to tour their offices, located in the Pi Incubator space, and enjoy some pizza with the founders afterwards. Paul and Chris spoke of how SolTech went from an idea that they had in college to a successful business. Students asked questions about startup marketing, supply chain issues, and how to run a successful Kickstarter campaign, among other topics.

SolTech Trip
Students at the headquarters of SolTech Solutions


Innovation Challenge

Every Spring semester the INE Program hosts The Innovation Challenge. The Innovation Challenge is a student pitch competition (think Shark Tank - but for idea-stage ventures) where teams have eight minutes to pitch their ideas to a panel of alumni, local business leaders, and investors for a chance to win up to $1000 in prize money . The Challenge is open to ALL students in ALL majors at ANY level. This competition encourages creative thinkers to develop an innovative idea that satisfies a particular market, social or environmental need. 

Students pitching at a pitch competition

 The winning team pitching at the 2016 Innovation Challenge 


Failure Fest

Failure Fest is an annual event hosted by the BYOB club and INE faculty. Using humor and a stand-up comedy, this event’s mission is “don't-be-afraid-to-aim-high-and-miss way” allowing students the space to be less afraid to fail and more willing to take risks and pursue life's opportunities.


Tonya Wright performing at Failure Fest 

 Actress and Entrepreneur Tanya Wright at Failure Fest '19




All students interested in Entrepreneurship can join the BYOB (Be Your Own Boss) Entrepreneurship Club. The purpose of BYOB is to engage students in entrepreneurship by forming a community through holding club meetings and hosting various types of events. They strive to provide students of all majors and backgrounds with tools to stimulate their entrepreneurial side, as well as giving members the opportunity to incorporate an entrepreneurial mindset within their everyday lives.

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