The Second Language Requirement

At Muhlenberg, the second language (L2) requirement consists of two sequential courses in a single language, a requirement that has been established to offer students the skills of communication in a second language. The importance of two sequential courses in a single language lies in the process and continuity of study, in which students learn both more complex linguistic structures and more complex ways of thinking about culture. Over the course of two semesters students acquire, practice, and develop the linguistic tools and cultural knowledge necessary for communication, facilitating an ever-deeper engagement with different cultures, perspectives, and worldviews.

The second language (L2) requirement focuses on the development of linguistic skills (reading, writing, listening, speaking) and intercultural competencies that allow students to interact and engage with others in a second language within its cultural contexts. 

This requirement consists of two sequential courses in the same language OR demonstrated proficiency adequate to prepare students for the Conversation and Composition course (301) in the language. Students are encouraged to complete the second language requirement by the end of the sophomore year.  The Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures determines the initial placement in language study at Muhlenberg using each student's prior language experience and the results of our Placement Exam

Are you planning to begin a new language? You have eight languages from which to choose here at Muhlenberg!

You should take the placement exam for any language you have studied or spoken prior to coming to Muhlenberg. However, if you choose to begin a new language, you are welcome and encouraged to do so. Be sure to enroll in the elementary level (101) class of that new language during your first year at Muhlenberg.