Transfer Course Approval Policy

The process for obtaining approval to take a course at another institution and have it transfer in to Muhlenberg is as follows:

Please send me the following information:

1. College or University where you plan on taking the course
2. Course name and number
3. Course description and credit units
4. What course you hope this will transfer as
5. What requirements you need to fulfill with this course
6. Your majors and minors
(Also, after receiving these, I may ask for a syllabus.)

For statistics courses...

Please note that MTH-104 is basic statistics course and can best be described as statistical literacy. The class may work with data, but these students would not be studying the level of analysis and data manipulation that one would see in MTH-119.

Courses that can transfer in as MTH-119 should somehow indicate that: 

  1. The course uses some kind of software package (beyond graphing calculators);

  2. "Analysis" is part of the course -- students are required to do things like computer labs or use the software for homework;

  3. The course contains content up through analysis of t-tests, regression, goodness-of-fit (sometimes called chi-squared tests), and ANOVA.

After I receive all of the information and write back to you, we can schedule an appointment.

Dr. Mike Huber, Department Chair
Trumbower 125

Spring 2018 Office Hours:

Mondays/Wednesdays: 10:45-11:45am
Fridays: 9:00-10:00am
(Or by appointment)