Honors Program 

Introduction and Requirements...

The Honors Program is a two-semester sequence that allows qualified students the opportunity to enrich their experiences in communication theory, history and practice. In the fall of their senior year students enroll in the Honors Seminar and develop an independent research project. In the spring of their senior year students enroll in a second CUE seminar in which they revise their thesis under the guidance of the Honors Director. The experience culminates in an oral defense with a faculty committee. To remain a member in good standing, honor students must maintain the qualifying Grade Point Averages; pass the fall and the spring honors seminars; successfully participate in an oral defense of their thesis; and present their paper or creative work to members of the department at the year-end-colloquium. Students who actively participate in the Honors Program are eligible to graduate with Honors (or in exceptional cases, “High Honors”) in Media & Communication.



To qualify for membership in the Honors Program, students must have achieved at least a 3.7 grade point average (GPA) within the major, and a 3.6 GPA, overall. Qualified students receive a letter from the Department notifying them of their membership in the Honors Program in the spring of their Junior year. The Department of Media & Communication faculty then reviews all applications and votes on them. Candidates who are accepted into the program receive a second letter from the Department welcoming them into the Honors Program.



The Media & Communication colloquia offers honor students opportunities to test their intellectual talents at levels that go beyond the expectations of normal classroom instruction. Each year an outstanding media & communication scholar of national or international repute is brought to campus to speak to and/or conduct a workshop for honor students. Because participation in these sessions is restricted to honor students and faculty, students have significant opportunities for informal interaction with these guests.


Other Opportunities...

Membership in the Honors Program also provides other opportunities for intellectual enrichment and networking. Students who produce outstanding research papers or creative work are encouraged to submit their work to regional and national conferences and competitions. Faculty members work closely with these students in preparing these submissions.  On an individual, rotating basis, honor students may also be invited to participate in other special events, dinners, and receptions. A few may earn credit-bearing opportunities to serve as student mentors in media & communication classes or to participate in faculty research or production projections. These opportunities both draw upon and enrich honor students talents, interests, and intellectual gifts.


The James D. Schneider Memorial Award for Social Justice...

Every year the department honors one of our graduating seniors with the James D. Schneider Award for Social Justice. This award is given in honor of our late colleague, Dr. Jim Schneider, who worked tirelessly to advance the cause of social justice both within the department and in his community volunteer efforts in the Lehigh Valley. Each year we bestow this award upon a Media and Communication graduating senior who has pursued these values in her work at the College, both in and out of the classroom. This award may go either to one of the honors students or to another graduating senior major. Click here for more information.


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Any and all questions can be directed to Dr. Michael Buozis (Professor and Honors Director, Department of Media & Communication).