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Communication Honors Program

On Wednesday, April 24, 2002, the Communication Department hosted its annual Seniors Honors Colloquium for the Class of 2002. Members of the Communication Honors Program presented outstanding research papers, projects, or film productions that had been completed while studying at Muhlenberg College. The following students participated in this year's program and anticipate graduating with "Honors in Communication" at commencement in May of 2002.

David Basner

Using webpage design tools, David described his hypermedia research project titled "What's So Funny?," which examined the history and evolution of humor, laughter, and what evokes it.

Jonathan Blitzer

Jon presented segments of "Write Now" a documentary and promotional video he created that highlights the services offered by the Writing Center at Muhlenberg College.

Alex Fichtel

Alex shared details of his data collection process that contributed to his understanding of the levels and attitudes toward volunteer track maintenance within the Tasmanian bushwalking community.

Andrea Nylund

Andrea discussed the video project that she contributed to while interning at SpeakEasy Communications, Inc, titled "All About Landfills." Andrea explained how working on this video allowed her to expand her knowledge on video production, community relations, and management.

Michael Palmer

Before presenting a trailer for one of his senior films titled "Doorway," Michael identified his own artistic style as related to other filmmakers and genres.

Nate Pickowicz

Nate presented a trailer for his film "The Eye of Morocco," the fictitious story about a band of criminals determined to steal a legendary diamond.

Katherine Pierce

Inspired from her experiences tutoring local Allen High students, Katie discussed the creation of the video documentary "Public Education," which attempts to shed light on some problems facing the Allentown Public School District.

Sophie Pizem

Sophie described "What It Means To Really Do Research" through an analysis of her research process to find information on the Lehigh County Court House facade and its sculptor Charles Rudy.

Katherine Schaffer

Katherine analyzed the public information campaign created by the Partnership for a Drug Free America for its use of propagandistic techniques.

Kim Scheese

Kim described the findings from her textual analysis of gender-role stereotypes appearing in modern versions of classic fairy tales. This research paper was also presented at the Seventh Annual Undergraduate Conference in Women's Studies last year.

Tara Simpson

Tara presented her music video "Day and Night," which explored the themes of love and betrayal as present within one romantic relationship. She described how the video was her first venture in combining her love of music with her interests in film and art.

Samantha Swanson

Samantha's video documentary, "Striking a Chord," addressed the problems of cutting funding for art and music programs within the nation's schools.

Melissa Trosterman

Melissa discussed the relationship between media and American politics through an examination of the 2000 Presidential election, the New York Senate race, and her experiences working as an intern in Washington D.C.

Adrienne Zitka

Adrienne discussed her examination of the Chernobyl nuclear accident of 1986; through a source attribution study, an examination of journalistic conventions, and advocacy piece about the issues, Adrienne made determinations about the influence that media had on public perceptions of this environmental issue.