Media Literacy Week, co chaired by John Sullivan, Professor, Dept. of Media & Communication and Cedar Crest College’s Elizabeth Ortiz,11/6-11/9

Thursday, November 9, 2017 00:01 PM

The sixth annual Media Literacy Week between Cedar Crest College and Muhlenberg College, 11/6-11/9 was a success.  This event was co chaired by John Sullivan, Professor, Dept. of Media & Communication at Muhlenberg College and Elizabeth Ortiz, Assistant Professor of Communication at Cedar Crest College.


Monday, November 6, was a screening of Straight Curve Redefining Body Image followed by a live webcast Q & A from Fordham University @ Cedar Crest College.

Tuesday, November 7,  Muhlenberg College's Irene Chien, Assistant Professor of Media & Communication held a Gaming Workshop in Wlason Hall's TV studio @ Muhlenberg College.

Wednesday, November 8, was a screening and talkback of the film More Than a Word, a film about Native American-based sports mascots and the Washington R*dskins.

Thursday, November 9, student presentations from student enrolled in Media Literacy courses at both Muhlenberg College and Cedar Crest College took place.