Media Research Social Justice Undergraduate Conference 2018

Media Research Social Justice Undergraduate Conference, formally known as Social Research Social Justice began in 2003 as a collaboration between faculty and students in the Department of Media and Communications at Muhlenberg College, with the goal to create a forum outside of their classes to discuss issues of social justice in a democratic society.    The Conference continues to foster this initial vision, with a strong and consistent faculty, student and community representation from across the Lehigh Valley region. In this thirteenth year, MRSJ is adopting a new focus on media, communication and film studies research. MRSJ provides important opportunities for students from campuses across the Lehigh Valley to come together in critical conversations that matter to them most. We encourage collaborative exploration among students, faculty, and community members into the intersection of media research, social justice research, and advocacy in the creation of more just and humane societies. MRSJ will be held on April 20, 2018 at Muhlenberg College, abstracts must be submitted no later than March 23 to



Sample Abstract