2018 Media Research Social Justice Undergraduate Conference

Call for Proposals


The Media Research Social Justice Conference (formerly Social Research Social Justice) provides undergraduate students within the Lehigh Valley a forum for sharing innovative, excellent research addressing social justice issues in both contemporary and historical contexts. In this thirteenth year, MRSJ is adopting a new focus on media, communication and film studies research. MRSJ provides important opportunities for students from campuses across the Lehigh Valley to come together in critical conversations that matter to them most. We encourage collaborative exploration among students, faculty, and community members into the intersection of media research, social justice research, and advocacy in the creation of more just and humane societies. MRSJ invites submissions that examine research in critical media scholarship or media activism that are clearly connected to social justice. Proposals may include research reports, theoretical developments or critiques, critical analysis, and work-in-progress in media, communication or film studies. Submissions will be evaluated based on relevance to media, communication or film studies, contribution to knowledge in the field, execution (submission is theoretically and methodologically sound), writing quality, and clear connections to social justice scholarship or advocacy.

Submitted proposals should include: a title, a 250-word (maximum) abstract, and contact information (name, school affiliation, email, phone number, faculty mentor, faculty mentor email). The proposal should be double-spaced (12 pt. font). See sample proposal on page two of this document. You may submit abstracts electronically to mrsj@muhlenberg.edu We are not accepting proposals at this time. Send inquiries to mrsj@muhlenberg.edu.


Sample Abstract