Muhlenberg Scholars

College is a time for exploration, discovery, change, and growth. It’s a time to test your abilities, develop new ideas, and take on new challenges and responsibilities. The Muhlenberg Scholars Program is designed to nurture talented students by providing a rich and stimulating environment in which they can realize their true academic potential.

The program focuses on developing students' capacities as knowledge producers and collaborative researchers. Through innovative course offerings, unique co-curricular programs, and a close student-faculty interaction, it strives to create a community of inquiry where the free exchange of ideas and interdisciplinary learning lead to new insights into one's self and one's world. 

The Scholars Program is more than just a challenging set of courses β€” it is an integrated program of study that incorporates both curricular and extra-curricular activities.

The curricular component involves a broad-based investigation of the three major divisions of learning β€” humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences β€” as well as an in-depth study of a topic under the personal supervision of a faculty member. The extra-curricular component involves attending various social and dinner events, as well as bringing to campus and meeting with student-selected speakers and performers. Together, these components provide an enriching set of opportunities and experiences that help students take charge of their intellectual, social, and cultural development so that they may build a more rewarding future for themselves.