The goal of the Music Department is to develop skilled and knowledgeable musicians who think creatively.  Our curriculum is designed to provide students with a broad and comprehensive background in music and the opportunity to pursue their own musical interests in greater depth.  The development of technical and interpretive skills is informed by a liberal arts approach.  We teach creative musicians to analyze evidence, integrate knowledge from diverse fields, make judgments, and create new knowledge.  We are also committed to teaching students to communicate effectively, reflect thoughtfully on their own work, and show respect for others.  These abilities prepare our students for lives as musicians, creative thinkers, and responsible members of society.

Music Department Program Goals

The Muhlenberg College Music Department curriculum is divided into core and upper-level courses in music theory and composition, music history, and performance studies; ensembles, and culminating experiences designed to meet the needs of each individual student participating in the music program. The core curriculum provides students with foundational skills, knowledge of the discipline of music, and introduces students to the process of analytical and creative thinking.

The inter-connectedness of music theory, composition, music history, and performance is emphasized in all core curriculum courses. Upper-level courses offer greater depth in specific areas of study through which students refine and expand their skills and knowledge as well their analytical and creative abilities.

Our ensembles provide opportunities for students to integrate the knowledge, skills, and abilities that they have developed in their classes. As group activities, ensembles teach students teamwork, presentation skills, self-confidence, listening skills, and respect for others.

Finally, students participate in a wide range of culminating experiences (senior recitals, research papers and presentations, composition portfolios, reflection papers) designed to integrate their undergraduate work and prepare them for life after graduation.