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Dana Francisco Miranda Philosophy

Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Moyer Hall 306
Phone: (484) 664-3372


B.A., Bard College 
M.A., Ph.D., University of Connecticut

Dr. Dana Francisco Miranda is an Assistant Professor of Philosophy. His research and teaching interest are in Africana philosophy, political philosophy, existentialism, and philosophy of psychiatry. He studies how historical and contemporary processes create structural arrangements that although normal, regularized, and relatively healthy to some are at the same time suboptimal and detrimental to others. Thematically, his research not only criticizes such “disordered” political orders, but also aims to construct viable “counter-orders.”

His dissertation examined how living under conditions of antiblack racism and coloniality affects not only experiences of depression and suicide for Afro-diasporic people, but also how such conditions should be diagnosed and treated. Given the entanglement between psychological “well-being” and political “disorder,” the treatment of depression demands not only psychiatric intervention but also social restructuring. Professionally, he also serves as the Chair of Architectonics for the Caribbean Philosophical Association.


Areas of Specialization:
Africana Philosophy, Political Philosophy, Existentialism, Philosophy of Psychiatry

Areas of Concentration:
Phenomenology, Philosophy of History, Decolonial Studies