Political Science Major

Students are required to take:

  • PSC 101 Introduction to American National Government
  • PSC 103 Introduction to Comparative Politics and International Relations
  • PSC 201 Political Ideologies
  • PSC 301 Political Science Research Methods
  • PSC 490 CUE: Senior Capstone Seminar 

Students must take five upper level courses, at least two at the 300 level. Students must select three courses in one thematic area and at least one course from two other thematic areas.   Courses cannot be double counted across areas.

Thematic areas:

  • Policy Studies
  • States, Conflict, and Culture
  • Problems in Democracy
  • Institutions & Processes
  • (In)Equality, Justice, and Power
  • Citizenship & Political Engagement

Introductory courses, including PSC 201 Political Ideologies, and PSC 301 Political Science Research Methods should normally be completed by the end of the sophomore year. Majors must maintain at least a 2.00 grade point average in political science courses to remain in good standing in the department.  No more than two courses taken outside the department will count toward the major. PSC 960 Political Science Internship counts as an elective only and cannot be used to satisfy major requirement.

Majors are urged to participate in the Washington Semester, study abroad programs, service learning and community-based research experiences, and internship opportunities with the Muhlenberg Institute of Public Opinion. All majors are eligible for internship programs in local, state, and national governments, as well as in appropriate nongovernmental organizations. Consult with faculty in the department to discuss internship opportunities.

Political Science Minor

Political science offers a minor program which requires the completion of six courses.

Two of the following introductory courses:

  • PSC 101 - Introduction to American National Government 1 course unit
  • PSC 103 - Introduction to Comparative Politics & International Relations 1 course unit
  • PSC 201 - Political Ideologies 1 course unit

Additional Courses
Two 200 level courses
Two 300 level courses

Additional Considerations for Minors
No more than two courses taken outside of the Muhlenberg Political Science Program will count toward the minor.  Internships cannot count toward minor requirements.

Courses in Political Science are numbered as follows:

  • 100 - 199 - Introductory courses open to all students; required for the major.
  • 200 - 299 - Intermediate courses normally open to students beyond the first semeter of college.
  • 300 - 499 - Advanced courses with precious course work in political science normally required; usually require a significant research project or sustained high-impact experience (e.g., simulations, service learning, etc.)