‌Michele Moser Deegan

Professor of Political Science

Contact Information:
[email protected]




Courses Taught

  • PSC 101 Introduction to American National Government
  • PSC 219 Public Administration
  • PSC 287 The Politics of Poverty
  • PSC 301 Political Science Research Methods
  • PSC 316 Inequality and U.S. Public Policy
  • PSC 490 Senior Capstone Seminar


  • Ph.D. New York University
  • M.S. DePaul University
  • B.A. University of Pittsburgh


Michele Moser Deegan, Ph.D. Professor of Political Science at Muhlenberg College.  She is the Founder and Director of the Lehigh Valley Research Consortium, a collaborative Lehigh Valley-focused research center of the Lehigh Valley Association of Independent Colleges.  Through her work with the LVRC, Dr. Deegan has completed research on such topics as the region’s public school systems, non-profit organizations, community health, sustainable economic development, and the changing gambling behaviors of residents.  She also advises a number of government and nonprofit organizations regarding program outcomes and performance.   At Muhlenberg, Dr. Deegan teaches the introductory course on American national government as well as Research Methods, Public Administration, Inequality and US Public Policy, and the Senior Seminar in Political Science. Her research interests include state and local government policy making, with an emphasis on regionalism.  She has authored numerous book chapters, reports and articles in national journals of political science, public policy and public administration.  Prior to her position at Muhlenberg, she has held faculty positions at New York University, Lehigh University, Moravian College and as a tenured professor at The George Washington University. Dr. Moser Deegan earned her Ph.D. from New York University.

Recent Sample Publications:

Academic Publications:

“Building Community While Complying with the Affordable Care Act: A Case Study of a Regional Community Health Assessment in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania,” with Lanethea Mathews and Bonnie Coyle, submitted to the Journal of Progress in Community Health, January 2013.

“A Model for School-level Resource Reporting: Benefits and Challenges,” Public Performance and Management Review. Leanna Stiefel, Dwight Dennison and William Hartman co-authors.  September 2011, pp. 29-53.

“Connecting Students to their Community: A Public Research Model of Service,” with Giacomo Gambino and Christopher P. Borick. Council on Undergraduate Research Quarterly, Summer 2009 volume 29, No. 4.

LVRC Community Reports:

“Lehigh Valley Nonprofit Vital Statistics 2012,” with Roland Kushner for the Lehigh Valley Research Consortium, July 2012. www.lehighvalleyresearch.org

State of the Lehigh Valley Community Trends at a Glance 2011, (Ed). Lehigh Valley Association of Independent Colleges. www.lehighvalleyresearch.org

“The Socio-economic Effects of Gaming in the Lehigh Valley,” for the Northampton County Human Services Division, Lehigh Valley Research Consortium, April 2011. www.lehighvalleyresearch.org