College Committee on Information Technology and Digital Learning


Membership consists of thirteen voting members: one student employee of OIT; one student elected by The Student Government Association; three faculty members, one from each division, elected by the faculty for three-year terms; one staff associate who serves on another information technology committee; the Associate Dean for Digital Learning; and ex officio members, the Chief Business Officer, the Director of Information Technology, the Provost, the Registrar, the Dean of the School of Continuing Studies, and the Director of Trexler Library.

This committee shall be chaired by a faculty member elected at its first meeting of each academic year.

Faculty and Lecturers serving on various committees for the current academic year are listed below.

Continuing Members:

Andrew Ardizzoia (h)
Tineke D'Haeseleer (ss)
Jorge Silveyra (s)


Primary Responsibilities

The College Committee on Technology and Digital Learning: 1) develops policies for the use of information technology and advises the President and administration about the deployment of information technology resources; 2) has the responsibility for advising the President and administration about the research, implementation, shared governance, and communication implications of the “Future of Digital Teaching and Learning at Muhlenberg” (2013) and all subsequent technology and learning reports; 3) confers with the Digital Learning Team and other campus constituencies about curricular and pedagogical needs of faculty and students.  

Its policies and recommendations will reflect and serve the educational mission of the College.


  • Serves as a liaison among campus constituencies with interests in campus-wide information and technology policy (e.g., web space allocation, use and exchange of identification numbers, access to faculty lists, outside access to campus web space).
  • Seeks input from the campus community on information technology needs, and confers with and receives input from constituencies including but not limited to Curriculum Committee, the Administrative Systems Committee, and the Capstone Users Group.
  • Helps evaluate campus-wide information technology needs and advises the President and administration in setting priorities for acquisitions, implementation, access, and support.
  • Collaborates with the Associate Dean for Digital Learning to track and evaluate new digital learning initiatives relevant to liberal arts education, including new developments in curricular content, digital platforms for teaching, and digital learning consortia.
  • On the recommendation of the Associate Dean for Digital Learning and the relevant department chair, the three elected faculty members review and respond to proposals to develop courses into blended or fully online instruction formats to ensure best practices in digital learning.
  • Receives reports from the Digital Learning Team (the Associate Dean for Digital Learning, the Provost Office, OIT, and Trexler Library) on actions that have resulted from the “Future of Digital Teaching and Learning at Muhlenberg” (2013) and all subsequent technology and learning reports.
  • Collaborates with campus entities such as the Faculty Center for Teaching, Trexler Library, the Dean of Institutional Assessment and Academic Planning, the Digital Learning Team, and OIT to sponsor faculty, staff, and student development programs related to digital teaching and learning.
  • Makes policy and implementation recommendations to the President and administration regarding campus-wide information technology-related issues, including but not limited to intellectual property, data acquisition/trading, privacy, and access (e.g. FERPA compliance, ADA, risk management, misuse of information systems, cloud computing).

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